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The Lord of the Rings: MachringsIt was published for mixed criticism of the entire fandom.com Some aspects of Tolkien's tradition, the series has done an excellent work. With some excellent parts, excellent special effects and interesting characters,Energy ringsThere are many things well.

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However,Energy ringsThe brand was also lost with some of its topics, actions and characters. As in all programs, it is impossible to make everything right or make all the decisions.Energy ringsHe took several false steps from a disappointing pace to a bad representation of some middle earth races. These problems were not unnoticed by fans.

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10/10Some rings of power and cultures seem extraordinarily difficult

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Some characters and groups have made some terrible decisions all the timeEnergy ringsthat many fans have collected. For example, to ward off the insensitivity of Harfots, Nori and Galadriel, if they reject one of their men in the snow, seems to be out of place.

Although the purpose of these decisions may be the development of character, they were inappropriate, especially between elves and hobbits.Fans know hobbits for their heatAnd elves through his grace, butEnergy ringsI have not shown many of these established resources. This may consist of distinguishing the second and old age, but in the best cases it is not unanimous in the best cases.

9/10Machryngs have a serious pace problem

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A common criticism of the Tolkien fan was the bad pace ofEnergy ringsCompared to Jackson's trilogies. When the series reached half, there were only a few measurements, although it accumulated for almost four hours.

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Meanwhile,The ring communityWhat happened while the first four episodes included battles in Moria and Balrog and Shark Uruk. The differences between the loverLOTRyEnergy ringsThey are marked. In the fifth episode ofEnergy ringsThe characters had just joined their trip.

8/10The dialogue of the power rings fell

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Energy ringsThe dialogue was a mixed bag. If the main interactions between the characters had better preservation, attempts to deliver elegant parables or use metaphors were much appreciated.Energy ringsIt extends too much to create exclusive languages. Efforts to explain a new world are great, but often lose the brand.

Many fans have criticized the clumsy dialogue of the program, which is missingEffects of Jackson's trilogyExcessive repetition, references to unknown events and bad parables are also able to improve.

7/10The energy costume projects left much to be desired

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Galadriel and their tough soldiers -reports have the most obvious example ofEnergy ringsDisappointing costumes. Elves are not only created as a handicraft champion, but the search for Galadriel also occurs in a moment of peace, which means there is no reason for inferior or mass -produced armor.

MaximumEnergy ringsThe costumes left something to be desired, but Amazon's budget should have allowed impressive clothes. The costumes and the armor were one of the most famous aspects of the first threeLOTRThe movies and the series could have given an example of this.

6/10Little research from different countries

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While episode 3 did a good job by exploring the streets of Numenor, other parts of the scenario, especially the cities of the Elphures, they saw little or any depth. In the changes, fans are limited by some individual sets for large recordings of cities as a result ofSome. You may feel frustrating for fans who are treated with a good impact, but you see little exploration inside.

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It was a clear contrast to the trilogy of Jackson, which examined several places in each city, for example,Energy ringsThey are incredibly impressive, more exploration everywhere would have been well received.

5/10A group -confusing target

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The Master of the Rings franchiseIt has always attracted a wide range of spectators. Some viewers prefer the expansive construction of the middle world, while other action and combat sequences enjoy. Some fans are fascinated by mythical creatures.

However,Energy ringsIt illuminates all the central elements of the franchise. There is also the risk of alienating the most reliable fans.

4/10There was a lot of change to the tradition of Tolkien

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While some things are necessarily altered so that an adaptation of television/cinema works, many of many of theMach plays changes in Tolkien's traditionThey were unnecessary. For example, the source of the long life of the elves among Mithril depends on what is exclusively for the program.

In a series that cannot tell a story of centuries, it is understandable that some things are left out or altered. To change fundamentally the way the central aspects of Tolkien's world work are wrong and can create action holes in the rise of stations.

3/10Time is very condensed in Stromeringen

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Although occasional spectators can ignore Tolkien's tradition, one of the book's criticism has been condensed.Energy ringsIn a few weeks, for example, the arrival of Valar does not appear in the second age of the middle earth.

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This distortion is an attempt to capture all the central elements that have made people love the previous entries. If tradition condenses tradition, some details and results can make less sense or power writers to divert too much.

2/10The plot looks very similar to the Lord of the Rings

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Unfortunately,The energy ringsThe main hook and its conclusion are already known to the fans. Spectators saw how Sauron's story ends, but they know very little about the prequel series plot. The original trilogy had a clear premise from the beginning:The bag must destroy the ringAnd defeat Sauron. In the program, the action seems to be a repetition of the original trilogy in relation to the rings and the threat of evil.

In an original series, Amazon could have developed a completely original story with new curves and threats to bring fans something new. If the original story was a success for a good reason, Amazon can see that the result is just comparisons betweenComparison is the action of this series and the trilogy of Jackson.

1/10Power rings are very difficult to be the next Thrones game

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When Amazon announced that it had guaranteed the rights ofLord of the RingsFans immediately speculated that the company expectedEigenes Game of Thrones.From now on, this seems to be precise, even ifEnergy ringsIt is a better known version. In two franchise companies, they offer a series of prequels in 2022 that are kings, who want to restore their throne and the politics of the kingdom, this seems to be the case.

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The problem is thatLord of the RingsyA WAR DOS THRONESThey are very different franchise companies that have different calls.A WAR DOS THRONESIt tells a story of political systems and relentless actions. However, Tolkien's work focuses more on history, mythology and courage that exist on the average earth.

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