List of winners of seasons 1 to 7 of Masterchef India (2023) - World Blaze (2023)

Master Chef India is undoubtedly one of the most popular reality competition series in all of India. A popular Indian reality show is called Master Chef India. This show is similar to MasterChef Australia but in a different format. This show first aired on Star Plus on October 16, 2010 and quickly became a hit.

It is true that the contestants of this cooking reality show have become extremely famous and are widely known and respected among the best restaurants and chefs in the world.

The name of this once unknown cooking show is now known worldwide. Many viewers tuned in to see how the contestants would complete the obstacles presented to them and to sample the delicious treats they prepared. Success on and off the screen is the ultimate prize.

Originally airing on Star Plus on October 16, 2010, MasterChef India was a groundbreaking cooking competition. Many of the show's contestants have no formal culinary training, but do have a keen interest in cooking.

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Masterchef India has released its various seasons so far. Let's take a look at the Master Chef winners and see how their lives have unfolded since the show, along with a list of every judge, presenter and runner-up from all seven seasons.

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List of previous winners of Masterchef India

seasonsList of WinnersRichterList of runners-up
MasterChef India Season 1Pankaj BhadouriaKunal Kapoor, Ajay Chopra, Akshay KumarJayanadan Bhaskar
MasterChef India Season 2Shipra KhannaVikas Khanna, Kunal Kapoor, Ajay ChopraSalma Shazia Fathima
MasterChef India season 3Ripudaman KhandaKunal Kapoor, Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas KhannaNavneet Rastogi
MasterChef India Season 4Nikita GandhiSanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, Ranveer BrarNeha Deepak Shah
MasterChef India season 5Kirti BoutiqueKunal Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, Zorawar KalraAshima Arora
MasterChef India season 6Abina NayakVikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, Vineet BhatiaIdrila Bala
MasterChef India Season 7TBAGarima Arora, Ranveer Brar, Vikas KhannaTBA

1. Pankaj Bhadouria: First Season Winner

List of winners of seasons 1 to 7 of Masterchef India (2023) - World Blaze (1)

Pankaj Bhadauria was crowned the inaugural winner of Masterchef India in 2010.

The moment Bhadouria became India's first female master chef was a turning point in her life. The chef previously worked as a teacher for 15 years before deciding to leave his position to take part in the show.

Bhadouria won the competition and went on to open a cooking school. It was an instant hit and is now one of the top culinary academies in the world. In addition, large companies provided the winner with advertising contracts.

The judges were chefs Ajay Chopra from the Goa Marriott Resort and Kunal Kapoor from Leela Kempinski.

Pankaj Bhadouria, Radhika Agarwal and Jayanandan Bhaska fought in the deciding game of the first season. Pankaj Bhadouria won the title of winner in 2010.

2. Shipra Khanna: Season Two Winner

List of winners of seasons 1 to 7 of Masterchef India (2023) - World Blaze (2)

Shipra Khanna was the next MasterChef India champion. After winning the award, he rose to fame and fortune in record time. He quickly accepted Star Plus' offer to host "Kitchen Stars Ka Safar" after being declared the winner of the show's second season.

(Video) And The MasterChef 2023 Trophy Goes To....Nayanjyoti | MasterChef India - Ep 65 | Full Episode

Khanna has also received various awards such as Best Cookbook and also China's World Gourmand Awards for Sinfully Yours.

Chefs Ajay Chopra from the Goa Marriott Resort and Kunal Kapoor from Leela Kempinski were the judges for the second season of Masterchef India.

In 2011, Shipra Khanna won the Masterchef India season 2 title and Salma Shazia Fathima was declared the first runner-up.

3. Ripudaman Handa: Season 3 Winner

List of winners of seasons 1 to 7 of Masterchef India (2023) - World Blaze (3)

In 2013, Ripudaman won Handa. He has always had a great interest in the kitchen. He has earned a reputation as a chef who serves his clientele "healthy" or oil-free meals. Out of all the winners, Ripudaman Handa is to date the first and last male contestant to win the title of Masterchef India.

After winning the title of Master Chef India, he immediately started working for various networks. You can see him in Living Foodz, Khaana Khazana and other cool stores. He is now also working on his cookbooks.

After Ajay Chopra was replaced as one of the judges in the third season of Master Chef India, Sanjeev Kapoor came on board. Three judges, Vikash Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor, and Kunal Kapoor, appeared in Season 3, with Navneet Rastogi being named the first runner-up in Season 3.

4. Nikita Gandhi: Season Four Winner

List of winners of seasons 1 to 7 of Masterchef India (2023) - World Blaze (4)

(Video) कौन जीतेगा 'The Iconic Mystery Box Challenge'? | MasterChef India | Most Touching

Nikita Gandhi was crowned the Season 4 winner. Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, she counts her victory among the greatest moments of her life. From a young age she started her passion with cooking and now she focuses on her loved ones. She is currently the founder of a vegan food website called The Veggie Fix.

Nikita Gandhi defeated Bhakti Arora and Neha Deepak Shah for the win and the championship title. The first runner-up was Neha Deepak Shah while the second runner-up was Bhakti Arora. Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar were the season four judges.

This season marks the first time MasterChef has offered an all-vegetarian format.

5. Kirti Butika: Season 5 winner

List of winners of seasons 1 to 7 of Masterchef India (2023) - World Blaze (5)

To date, Kirti Bhutika is indeed the youngest winner of Masterchef India. SugarPlum Cakery, her home bakery, is a clear expression of her passion for food and cooking. She regularly uploads new cooking videos to YouTube, Facebook and other platforms. Bhutika not only owns its own bakery at home but has also opened a new bakery in Kolkata.

With the money she won on the show, she continued to grow her baking business. Zorawar Kalra, Kunal Kapoor and Vikas Khanna were the judges of Season 5 of Master Chef India where they declared Ashima Arora the first runner-up of Season 5 and Kirti Bhutika the winner of 2016.

6. Abinas Nayak: Season 6 Winner

List of winners of seasons 1 to 7 of Masterchef India (2023) - World Blaze (6)

Abinas, who works as an engineer, has always had a keen interest in cooking. With his skills, he not only impressed the jury, but also the audience. Today he is a food stylist and his specialty is creating unique dishes that you won't find on restaurant menus. His enthusiasm for food was clearly felt in the performance.

(Video) बीना Ticket, Trip to Thailand - Thai पान से बना Impression | MasterChef India | Ep 7 | Full Episode

Season 6 Champion Abinas Nayak is known for his deep love for the kitchen. He managed to win the hearts of the jury and viewers of the show. He said the judges are always the best thing that could have happened to him as he is a beginner and not a pro. The participant was able to perfectly demonstrate his cooking skills to the spectators.

Vineet Bhatia, Ranveer Brar and Vikas Khanna were the judges of Masterchef India Season 6. Abinas Nayak won the title of winner after defeating Oindrila Bala who was the first runner-up in Season 6.

7. Season 7 Winner: Undisclosed

On January 2, 2023, Season 7 kicked off with a bang. Season 7 has a new set of judges: Garima Arora joins Ranveer Brar and Vikas Khanna replaces Vineet Bhatia, who served as a judge in Season 6. In addition, she will make history as the first female judge at MasterChef India.


Finally, every year there is this fantastic cooking show, where experienced chefs present spectacular dishes that make your mouth water. There are individual and team cooking competition series, as well as weekly elimination rounds until a single MasterChef emerges victorious. In addition to their own cooking show and the publication of their cookbook, the winner also receives a sum of money.

So get ready to enjoy and learn about the whole new and creative dimension of dining only from Masterchef India.


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List of winners of seasons 1 to 7 of Masterchef India (2023) - World Blaze? ›

MasterChef India 2023 Winner Nayanjyoti Saikia | Exclusive Interview - YouTube.

Who won MasterChef season 7 India? ›

Nayanjyoti Saikia on winning MasterChef India season 7: 'Gaining self-confidence was my biggest learning'

Who are the top 6 in MasterChef India 2023? ›

MasterChef India 2023 finalists

That leaves us with the top 6 at the moment, namely, Aruna Vijay, Suvarna Bagul, Gurkirat Singh, Nayanjyoti Saikia, Santa Sharma, and of course, Kamaldeep Kaur.

Who are the contestants of MasterChef India 2023? ›

Aruna Vijay, Nayanjyoti Saikia, Santa Sarmah and Suvarna Bagul have become the top-four finalists of MasterChef India 2023 following Kamaldeep Kaur and Gurkirat Singh's elimination on Tuesday ahead of the grand finale on March 31.

Who is the second runner up of MasterChef India 2023? ›

After days of battle and search for the best homecook, Nayanjyoti Saikia from Assam bagged the MasterChef India winner's trophy and cash prize of Rs 25 lakh. Santa Sarmah from Assam was declared the first runner-up and Suvarna Bagul from Mumbai was announced the second runner-up.

Who is the winner of MasterChef India 2024? ›

Nayanjyoti Saikia, a home cook from Assam, emerged as the winner of the seventh season of MasterChef India. The 13-week-long cooking show saw Saikia competing against two other finalists in the grand finale, where the contestants were tested in a signature three-course meal challenge.

Where is MasterChef India 2023 filmed? ›

The Masterchef India season 7 was announced on 14 August 2022 on Sony Entertainment Television channel and audition rounds were conducted in 4 cities across the country- Kolkata (24 September), Delhi (1 October), Hyderabad (8 October) and Mumbai (15 October). The shown ended with grand finale on 31 March 2023 .

Who is the top 3 in MasterChef India? ›

Masterchef India gets Top 3 in Suvarna, Santa and Nayanjyoti; netizens call them 'truly deserving' - Times of India.

When was MasterChef 2023 filmed? ›

On 3 May 2023, Network 10 confirmed that the season would instead premiere on 7 May 2023; the premiere was preceded by a special edition of The Sunday Project that paid tribute to Zonfrillo. Filming of the season was completed in March 2023 before Zonfrillo's death, which marks the final appearance during his lifetime.

Who is the first finalist of MasterChef 2023? ›

Ludhiana-based homemaker Kamaldeep Kaur has become the first finalist of the cooking reality show MasterChef India 2023, judged by celebrity chefs Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar and Garima Arora.

Who are the top 4 contestants of MasterChef India 2023? ›

MasterChef India 2023 Contestants List
Sr No.Contestant NameStatus
1Santa Sharma1st Runner-up
2Suvarna Bagul2nd Runner-up
3Nayanjyoti SaikiaWinner 🏆
4Aruna VijayEliminated (29 March 2023)
32 more rows
Apr 1, 2023

Who is the best chef in India? ›

Sanjeev Kapoor is the most famous and commended chef in India. He is also an entrepreneur and a television personality. Sanjeev works for a TV channel named 'FoodFood' after which he became the world's first chef who owns a 24×7 food and lifestyle channel.

Who is the Indian girl from MasterChef? ›

Shipra Khanna
BornShimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
OccupationsCelebrity chef restaurateur author television personality
EducationSt.Bede's College
Culinary career
8 more rows

Who is the female Indian chef on Celebrity MasterChef? ›

Nisha Katona, MBE (born 23 October 1971) is a British chef and TV presenter. She is the founder of Mowgli Street Food restaurants and the Mowgli Trust charity, a food writer and television presenter. She was a child protection barrister for 20 years.

How much do MasterChef India contestants get paid? ›

MasterChef India 7 Prize Money

The title winner of the Season 7 will be awarded Rs 25 lakh. Let's wait and watch the show until the finale. Usually, MasterChef India runs for over 2 months every season. So, if the current season has the same duration then we can expect the finale in March last week or April first week.

Who got eliminated in MasterChef India 2023? ›

MasterChef India 2023 Eliminations

On 31 March 2023, Nayanjyoti became the winner of MasterChef India 2023. While Shanta and Suvarna became 1st and 2nd runner-ups of this season. On 29 March 2023, Shanta, Suvarna and Nayanjyoti became Top 3 finalists while Aruna got eliminated from MasterChef India 2023.

Who are the top 4 finalists of MasterChef? ›

The show has finally got its top 4 finalists of the show who is Nayanjyoti Saikia, Aruna Vijay, Suvarna Bagul, and Santa Pawan Sharma.

Who got the immunity pin in MasterChef India 2023? ›

Kamaldeep's Amritsari fried fish with hollandaise sauce was adjudged the dish of the day, earning her the immunity pin.

Who is the best MasterChef in India? ›

Pankaj Bhadouria

A renowned name in the Indian culinary world, she is the winner of MasterChef India Season 1. Ever since she won the show, she has been spreading her love for cooking by teaching people recipes through several shows like 'Chef Pankaj Ka Zayka'.

Who won immunity on MasterChef 2023? ›

Then on MasterChef, immunity was up for grabs as the winners from May 24's immunity challenge vied to compete opposite Spanish chef Sergio Perera in Beat the Chef. 390,000 watched as fan (and our personal) favourite Declan Cleary, 24, managed to outscore the culinary expert, winning him Immunity!

Where can I watch MasterChef India in USA? ›

Watch MasterChef India Online - All Latest Episodes Available on Sony LIV.

Who are the judges for MasterChef 2023? ›

MasterChef will be back in the kitchen for its 13th season on May 24. Gordon Ramsay will once again host the cooking competition, and he will be joined by resident judges Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich.

Is MasterChef coming back in 2023? ›

The thirteenth season of the American competitive reality television series MasterChef (also known as MasterChef: United Tastes of America) premiered on Fox on May 24, 2023. Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay, and Aarón Sánchez all return as judges.

Who is the most successful MasterChef winner? ›

Season 3: Christine Hà

She's one of the most successful of the "MasterChef" winners, with around 158,000 followers on her Instagram account and a bestselling cookbook, "Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food," which came as the result of a publishing deal she inked as part of her win.

Who won 2nd MasterChef India? ›

Season 2. MasterChef India 2 aired from 22 October 2011 to 1 January 2012 on Star Plus. Hosted by Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapur and Ajay Chopra, it was won by Shipra Khanna.

Is MasterChef filmed in one day? ›

They keep on filming! While a challenge might only last 60 minutes, an average filming day is much longer. After the judges' taste-test and the verdict is delivered, contenders sometimes head home after spending 12 hours of their day filming.

What was the cause of jocks death? ›

MasterChef Australia star Jock Zonfrillo died of natural causes, it has been reported following the discovery of the 46-year-old's body at a Melbourne hotel early Monday morning.

Where do MasterChef contestants stay during filming? ›

Where do the MasterChef contestants stay during filming? Hailing from across the country, MasterChef contestants travel to Melbourne for filming, where they are put up in serviced apartment accommodation.

Who won the winner of MasterChef 2023? ›

Forty-year-old Chariya Khattiyot, has gone from master coffee roaster to MasterChef Champion, becoming the 19th amateur cook to claim the coveted title on BBC One's prestigious cooking competition.

Where is the first MasterChef winner now? ›

Whitney resides in Franklin, TN with her husband, Ryan and son, Miller. Whitney develops restaurant menus, recipes, conducts cooking demonstrations and cooking classes, and also can be booked to judge or MC awards events and benefits.

What is the time of MasterChef India 2023? ›

The Start Date is from 2 January 2023. So, the show is Sartre from today. This will be published of the or OTT platform from Day Mon-Fri. The Telecast Time will be from 9:00 pm.

Who is Melissa on MasterChef 2023? ›

One of the hopeful home cooks who will be competing on MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises this year is Malissa Fedele, a 28-year-old clinical nutritionist from Adelaide, Australia.

Who is the wife of chef Ranveer Brar? ›

Who are top 5 in MasterChef India Season 7? ›

The top 6 contestants of the show are Aruna Vijay, Gurkirat Singh Grover, Kamaldeep Kaur, Nayanjyoti Saikia Santa Pawan Sharma and Suvarna Bagul.

Who is top 3 in MasterChef India Season 7? ›

Top 3 Finalists
  • Santa Sharma.
  • Nayanjyoti Saikia.
  • Suvarna Bagul.
Mar 31, 2023

Who got eliminated from MasterChef India? ›

Gurkirat and Kamaldeep Kaur got evicted in the latest episode and the show got it's Top 4 – Aruna, Santa, Suvarna and Nayanjyoti. Judge Vikas Khanna shared a picture with the two eliminated contestants and wrote, “Congrats to our 2 Champions as their new journey begins now. Love & Respect.

Who is the richest chef in India? ›

Mukesh Ambani's chef earns more than most MLAs in India: Check salary, compensation etc.

Who is the most expensive chef in India? ›

'The Most Expensive Dinner I Made Was $39,000 For A Person': Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna.

What is the highest salary of Indian chef? ›

What is the highest salary for a Indian Chef in India? Highest salary that a Indian Chef can earn is ₹10.1 Lakhs per year (₹84.2k per month). How does Indian Chef Salary in India change with experience? An Entry Level Indian Chef with less than three years of experience earns an average salary of ₹2.4 Lakhs per year.

Has an Indian ever won MasterChef? ›

Season 1 Winner: Pankaj Bhadouria (Year: 2010)

Who is the most famous MasterChef contestants? ›

MasterChef season 3 winner Christine Hà is arguably one of the most successful in the franchise. With over 150k followers on Instagram, the Vietnamese-American MasterChef is the most followed contestant of all time. She was the first blind contestant in the show's history.

Who won last MasterChef India? ›

Nayanjyoti Saikia was announced as the winner of MasterChef India on Friday. Santa Sarmah and Suvarna Bagul became the first and second runner up, respectively. Judged by Vikas Khanna, Garima Arora and Ranveer Brar, the finale also saw celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor as the special guest.

Who is the famous Indian chef woman in America? ›

Padma Parvati Lakshmi (Tamil pronunciation: [ˈpəd̪mə ˈləkɕmi]; born September 1, 1970) is an Indian-born American author, activist, actress, model, philanthropist, and television host. She has hosted the cooking competition program Top Chef on Bravo continuously since season 2 (2006).

Are there any Michelin Star restaurants in India? ›

Restaurants can receive the stars only if there is a Michelin guide in their city, which India does not have. Therefore, there are no official Michelin star restaurants in India, although there are some restaurants that offer a Michelin-like experience.

Is Vikas Khanna a Michelin Star chef? ›

Michelin Starred Chef Vikas Khanna And VAHDAM Show The Way. Contributor. “I think it's pure destiny,” Michelin-star Chef Vikas Khanna said in a talk with Asia Society when asked how he has gotten to where he is.

Who is new MasterChef winner India? ›

Nayanjyoti Saikia was announced as the winner of MasterChef India on Friday. Santa Sarmah and Suvarna Bagul became the first and second runner up, respectively.

Will there be a MasterChef 2023? ›

MasterChef 2023 is available to view on BBC iPlayer.

Has MasterChef 2023 finished filming? ›

On 3 May 2023, Network 10 confirmed that the season would instead premiere on 7 May 2023; the premiere was preceded by a special edition of The Sunday Project that paid tribute to Zonfrillo. Filming of the season was completed in March 2023 before Zonfrillo's death, which marks the final appearance during his lifetime.

Who are the finalists of MasterChef India 2023? ›

Santa Sharma, Nayanjyoti Saikia and Suvarna Bagul are the finalists for MasterChef India Season 7. In the previous episode, the finalists rushed to complete their dishes along with the chefs.

When did MasterChef start 2023? ›

When did MasterChef start? 8pm, Monday 10 April 2023 (BBC One).

Who are the guest chefs on MasterChef 2023? ›

As per usual, there's an impressive lineup of famous guest judges on MasterChef in 2023 including Jamie Oliver, Curtis Stone, Maggie Beer, Rick Stein and Peter Gilmore.

Is MasterChef popular in India? ›

In addition to the on-screen drama and impressive cooking, Indians love the diverse selection of amateur chefs. MasterChef is among India's highest-rating English language shows and last week's finale was one of the country's most-watched broadcasts.

What is happening with MasterChef 2023? ›

MasterChef Australia was set to premiere on May 1, 2023. However, the series was temporarily postponed following the tragic death of beloved judge Jock Zonfrillo. The news was confirmed by 10 and Endemol Shine, alongside a statement.

How many contestants in MasterChef 2023? ›

And if you thought last year's Foodies vs Favourites contestants were skilled, get ready for even more culinary show-stoppers with the eighteen-strong class of 2023. Beloved stars Jock Zonfrillo, Andy Allen and Melissa Leong are also returning to their judging positions this year.

How many months does it take to film a season of MasterChef? ›

Does filming take up a lot of time? It takes up a lot of time yes. I averaged at about 2-3 days a week for roughly three months which really takes its toll when you are trying to hold down a normal day job at the same time! MasterChef is a once in a lifetime opportunity though so you just have to knuckle down.


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