MasterChef Canada Back to Victory - Finals Recap: Three's a Crowd (2023)

TheMasterChef Canada Back to victoryThe finale is finally here, and after tonight's episode, one of three talented MCC sophomores will win a $100,000 Chef's Culinary Package award and come in seventhMasterChef CanadaChampion in the history of the famous cooking competition.

For the first time, three chefs in white jackets enter the MCC kitchen to compete in the finals. As if this pressure wasn't enough, they not only have to cook for their lives in front of the three honorable judges, but also perform under the charming gazes of their former contestants.

After reaching the finals of their respective original seasons, this is a chance for Andy and Thea to complete their redemption arc and take the one step that eluded them in their previous runs.

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Christopher has long since surpassed his first sixth place finish, but tonight the award-winning pastry chef looks to add another accolade to his impressive resume, proving his culinary skills transcend the underworld.

Before the evening begins, each of the finalists will receive a welcome boost of support and encouragement from loved ones back home, and after taking some time to recover from the emotional impact, we rise to the challenge.

The final challenge of the season lasts three hours in total. At the end of each hour, the chefs present one of three dishes to the jury. The appetizers and mains will be judged privately, while the dessert dishes will be judged in front of the finalists and their audience on the balcony.

appetizer course

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Since the chefs knew the parameters of today's challenge in advance, it is very likely that they already have ready-made menus in mind. After quickly retrieving their ingredients from the pantry, the finalists take their places at their circular cooking station.

Christopher says his menu will bring a creative twist to traditional Asian flavors, Andy says his menu will represent East Coast hospitality and Thea's menu will combine the flavors of Mexico and her native Vancouver Island.

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Thea says she grew up fishing and eating fish tacos with her father. As a tribute to that experience, their first course will be a crispy snapper crudo with squeezed cucumbers, cucumber whey foam and a masa tuile topper.

Christopher begins his menu with a shrimp ceviche marinated in calamansi and chili. He'll serve it on a tom yum gai ice cream base, which he says will provide the judges with an interactive dining experience while keeping the ceviche itself cold. Before the pandemic, he and his wife were planning a wedding in Thailand, but since they couldn't go, this dish will bring Thailand to Canada.

Andy's appetizer will be a seafood platter with seared scallops, cornmeal fried oysters, pickled clams, caviar and a green apple vinaigrette. While it sounds like a delicious selection of seafood appetizers based solely on the description we know, I have to wonder if it will be enough to beat the competition's ideas.

Already 30 minutes into the first hour, Christopher notices a potentially fatal flaw in the ice cream mix that may call my last point into question. Too much starch has been added and the consistency seems too thick. To avoid the crisis, he mixes up a clever combination of chicken broth, heavy cream, fish sauce, and lime juice that seems to save the dish.

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Thea says she is 100 percent about the balance of flavors. To add dynamism to her pressed cucumber ingredient, she uses a vacuum sealer to infuse a combination of lime and cucumber juice into the cucumbers themselves.

As the clock ticks closer to the hour, Thea appears to be on her way. However, Andy tries to put the final pieces of the seafood plate puzzle together and Christopher, now worried his ice cream won't set, begins pouring liquid nitrogen into his ice cream maker to speed up the process.

Claudio points out that the decision will decide the record - literally. If he adds too much, the ice maker may jam and stop working. The situation may be tense, but it balances the Toronto bakerMasterChef Canadarun so far.

Despite the last-minute panic, the finalists finish their dishes on time, and the judges return to their private dining room to sample each entree.

The judges all seem impressed with Christopher's presentation and, after intensive study, are equally satisfied with both the texture and the taste. Claudio says Christopher showed great control and added just the right amount of acidity, but he could have used more calamansi to balance it all out.

Thea's crude presentation also met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the jury. Alvin and Claudio also praise her innovative technique, but Michael suggests she's been a little too subtle with her spices.

Next we take a first look at Andy's finished "seafood platter" and I don't think his original description does justice to the final product. Like the competition's entrees, the presentation looks impeccable. Alvin praises the cooking, the balance between richness and acidity, and Claudio claims the dish is one of Andy's crowning achievements.

It looks like the judges have a lot of work to do tonight.

main course

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While the jury continues to try and think about the first course, the participants are already preparing their meals.

For Thea's main course, she prepares a sous vide venison with roast beets, rapida verde and a mole poblano. To ensure her sous vide runs smoothly, she decided to use the vacuum sealer a second time.

Andy explains that he wants to make an East Coast lobster roll using pressed choux pastry instead of the usual bread, salt and vinegar potato chips, and a sabayon from their own Nova Scotiatidal bayWine. Similar to Thea's new favorite technique, he uses a vacuum sealer to add tarragon, white wine, salt, and butter to the lobster tails.

Given Thea and Andy's many appearances and repeated mentions by the judges, I'm beginning to wonder if they had any sort of sponsorship by the end of the season.

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Christopher makes a duck breast with a smoked tea infuser in a taro nest, served with duck jus and celery puree. As he has throughout the season, he seems to have measured every minute of the hour with precision, so it must be a relief to know there will be no surprise challenges tonight.

Just as the competitors are gathering momentum, Alvin announces that there are only 20 minutes left and Andy decides to get to work with the choux pastry. His first attempt proves unsuccessful, but he keeps his cool and beats the second attempt in time.

Thea also seems to have time on her side as she continues to develop her flavors, testing each ingredient and adjusting accordingly. Christopher isn't so lucky and announces on the balcony that he's falling behind. He's prepared the base of his dish and is starting to smoke his eggs, but he still has to prepare the celery puree and carefully fry each of his nests.

Five minutes before the end, Thea is the first to start recognizing. We only catch a glimpse of her deer and it seems a little rare, but since she's had time to rest I think she'll be fine. Christopher has also reduced his protein intake and despite his initial concerns, his duck cook is working perfectly. Andy's lobster looks perfectly cooked too, so it looks like we're about to get our hands on another nail.

Waiters drop by to pick up the judges' meals, and the chefs walk seamlessly through their dessert dishes.

Before delving into Andy's lobster rolls, Alvin explains that he's managed to deconstruct the East Coast comfort food classic in an upscale and enticing way. Michael and Claudio both praise the tenderness of the lobster and the light and tender nature of the sabayon, but both feel a little let down by the choux pastry.

Michael then moves on to Thea's main course and confirms that the venison is slightly undercooked, but Claudio says he is blown away by Thea's dish and admires her modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine. Though a bit disappointed with the roast, Michael says the venison is full of flavor and the mole is big and fatty and pairs well with the Rapida Verde.

All three judges seem extremely enthusiastic about what Christopher has created for his main course, but say the dish's success will be judged by the chef with his smoked egg. Lucky for Christopher, after a thin cut down the middle, the judges decided the dish was cooked to perfection. They find that the concept was very ambitious, but every element was executed perfectly.


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When we get back to the chefs, 15 minutes have passed and they now have 45 minutes to finish the dessert course. The competitors all seem relatively used, but withMasterChef CanadaCrown on the line, every event on the way to the finish line.

Christopher bakes a cheesecake that he thinks goes well with a traditional Chinese dessert called Mango Pomelo Sago. Michael asks him what the wow factor will be and Christopher explains that he will be making a cheesecake mousse filled with a mango, pomelo and sago mixture with brown butter crumble, lemon sponge cake, passion fruit meringue and coconut snow.

Thea tells Claudio that she is doing a project on a chili hibiscus margarita inspired by a previous trip to Mexico with her husband. For dessert there is a cilantro sponge with hibiscus panna cotta, habanero ice cream and tequila lime melon balls.

Andy does what he affectionately calls "Andy's End of the Night at the Cottage." Staying true to its East Coast theme, it brings an elevated take on the popular Nova Scotian Blueberry Burr. She says the traditional dessert is usually enjoyed around the campfire, so she pairs the blueberry lemon with a smoked blueberry compote, toasted meringue, and a tray of lemon ice cream.

If you've watched any of the previous episodes, it's probably no surprise that each of the steps Christopher takes himself is extremely technical. After creating his cheesecake mousse, he begins turning it into "candidate sugar" by cooking it with isomalt sugar. To the visible surprise of his former competitors, he also blew out liquid nitrogen for the second time tonight to help make his coconut snow.

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Not to be outdone, Thea and Andy also use some advanced techniques of their own. Thea combined cream, milk and sugar with hibiscus leaves and gelatin to create a stunning purple panna cotta, while Andy began burning a cookie cutter, which he then used to cut out individual ice cream slices.

As the final 10-minute countdown begins, the balcony crowd cheers for the chefs like never before, but Jen suddenly points out that Thea is nowhere to be found. She returns to the equipment room and faces the same problem Mai faced in the episode that ended her MCC run. She's trying desperately to shape her bunnies, but the ice won't cooperate.

While Mai eventually chose to pop her bunnies and use a piping bag instead, the ever resilient Theadecides gradually shapes her ice cream over time, taking it in and out of the freezer over and over again.

The clock strikes zero and it looks like all three finalists finished their sweets on time.

As Christopher describes his dessert to the jury, both the jury and the balcony audience seem amazed at the ambitious technical creativity of his concept. Claudio is the first to write a review and his review is strikingly similar to the one he wrote for Christopher's Gateau St. Honoré. He says he doesn't like it... he likes it. I don't think he fooled anyone this time.

In addition to a great flavor profile, each ingredient is well crafted, thought through and complements each other. She tells him the dish is a show, to which Michael agrees, but explains that he would like more mangoes.

Andy has already lost a final to an impressive dessert and you can tell he clearly gave his best performance this time. The creation of the dessert shows an impressive level of finesse and Michael claims it is the most beautiful raspberry crunch he has ever seen. Alvin tells him that he managed to upgrade the humble dessert, but his sponge cake is a little heavier than he thought.

Thea's Chili Dessert Inspired by Hibiscus Margarita is the last to be judged. Alvin notes that he's smitten with the simple geometry on display, while Claudio says she's created "one of those desserts that just stops conversations." Not only does she have the delicious hibiscus flavor, she was by enchanted by the deliciously unique and filling texture of panna cotta.

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She goes on to say that she's amazed at her imagination, and Michael exclaims that she made a feast in a bowl but wanted to use the leftover juice from her vacuum pack.

judge table

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As the judges begin to break down each of the chefs' three dishes, Alvin says Thea's presentation and concept were very compelling, Andy's tastes very comforting, and Christopher's innovation and creativity out of this world.

He states that previous finals have usually been about which dessert is the best, but this season's dessert plate made his final decision more difficult. Christopher agrees, saying he didn't expect Thea and Andy to make such amazing desserts. I can just agree with it. I assumed Christopher would win the dessert round by a wide margin, but it really couldn't have been closer.

Claudio tells the chefs that any of their last menus in previous seasons would have been enough to secure them the title, but after a long and difficult discussion, they came to a unanimous decision.

The finalists then line up to accept the judges' award and to their surprise are told that each of the three will receive a 'Chef's Cooking Pack' containing a range of gases for their strong performance. and range hood, as well as a stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher valued at over $18,000.

After celebrating what appears to be a nice consolation prize, the chefs wish each other luck and prepare for the jury's final decision. Although it was very close, one chef left a more lasting impression than the others. With a narrow majority, Christopher is crowned the winner and Canada's new MasterChef.

kitchen scraps

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Given the tremendous volatility that each competitor has had to endure throughout the season, I think I'd be delighted if one of the three finalists emerged victorious in tonight's finals, but I see Christopher's face light up after learning that she managed to become the new queenMasterChef CanadaMaster felt particularly uplifted.

I think all three chefs have shown great talent and growth, but Christopher's approach to his cooking is really on another level. Considering he's already doing amazing things with his burgeoning Toronto-based bakery empire, it will be very interesting to see just how much the MCC crown accelerates his culinary development.

I've said it quite a bit lately, but I feel compelled to say it again: Andy and Thea may not have reached their ultimate goal, but the two-time runners-up certainly deserve to be proud of what they have reached here season.

Aside from possibly Andrew, Thea was the consistently strongest performer this season, and although she ended the series in the same position as Season 4, her gains in confidence and technique were huge. Nor will I soon forget the inspiring determination he always displayed in the face of fear and anxiety.

Andy's tenacity was also really remarkable. Participating in almost every elimination competition this season, he proved that he can compete with his top chefsMasterChef CanadaStory. Christopher and Thea may have the edge when it comes to fine dining, but given the choice I'd probably choose to indulge in some East Coast home cooking with Andy at the cottage at the end of the evening.

Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for each of this season's talented participants.

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What happened to Matt on MasterChef Canada Season 3? ›

During the redemption challenge, Matt cut himself and had to immediately withdraw from the competition.

What happened to MasterChef Canada? ›

It's something Top Chef Canada famously did after a poorly-received fourth season in 2014. Following a three-year hiatus, it returned in 2017 with a new judging panel including Janet Zuccarini, Mijune Pak and Chris Nuttall-Smith and a new host Eden Grinshpan. It has stayed its course ever since.

What happened to April Lee MasterChef? ›

April Lee had to quit due to a back pain.

Where is Jennifer Crawford now? ›

Jennifer used their winnings from MasterChef Canada to move home to Nova Scotia in December 2019. They're currently renovating a farm house built in 1866, pro-wrestling, and eating a lot of ice cream. “the most creative home cook we've seen in six seasons.”

Why was mat disqualified MasterChef Australia season 3? ›

At 23, he is the youngest man of the season. He was disqualified for having an unauthorised mobile phone. He was eventually replaced by Billy, who was eliminated the day before.

Why did Matt Sinclair lose MasterChef? ›

Although neither cook could have known for sure at the time – two sets of outcomes were filmed to keep contestants guessing until the show went to air – it wasn't Matt's night. His chocolate wasn't tempered correctly and he scored seven out of 10 from all five judges, taking him to a total of 84 out of 110.

What is the biggest MasterChef controversy? ›

In 2013, "MasterChef" judges and producers were accused of sexual, mental, and physical harassment by former contestants. Many accusations came from a blog post by former contestant Marie Porter, where she describes how friends she met on the show were allegedly sexually and physically harassed by judges and producers.

What happens to all the food on MasterChef Canada? ›

Luckily, since all the meals featured on the show are created specifically for the judges, there is little-to-no food waste. After everyone has a chance to enjoy the handiwork of highly competitive chefs, they only have to junk the food that spoils during filming.

Who left MasterChef because of mental health? ›

On Sunday night, tears were flowing across the nation when boilermaker Brent Draper decided to quit MasterChef due to concerns over his mental health.

Which contestant was removed from MasterChef? ›

Aruna Vijay gets eliminated

However, the recent elimination of the top contestant Aruna Vijay from the finale came as a shock to many. Yes, you read that right!

What is MasterChef Kishwar doing now? ›

A lover of anthropology and history, Kishwar travels extensively, enjoys downtime at her farm and writes poetry.

What did Lee do after MasterChef? ›

After his appearance, Lee offers personal catering services from his catering company Mission Olive LLC and also meal delivery. He promotes the Mediterranean diet and offers e-cookbook cookery classes through company The Mediterranean Guy. Lee is Chef and host on Recipe Hunters, a reality competition TV Show.

Where is krissi from MasterChef Canada? ›

Post MasterChef

After her appearance, Krissi started offering private chef and catering services and regularly posts recipes on her blog. She is a breast cancer survivor.

What is Trevor from MasterChef doing now? ›

Born and raised in Vancouver, Trevor pursued food after winning Master Chef Canada in 2016. He put down roots in Edmonton where he was a private chef for several Edmonton Oilers, and head chef of Polar Park Brewing Company. Trevor now finds himself happily back in Vancouver, and keen to cook for you this Sunday!

Where is Andre from MasterChef Canada? ›

CHEF ANDRE is in Toronto, ON, Canada.

What did Mary Jane get sick with on MasterChef? ›

She suffered a stroke after 14 hours of filming the episode. During the baking challenge, Buckingham reportedly informed the medic that she was having difficulty moving her leg and the left side of her body was sagging. She even told the producers, but they convinced her to keep filming.

What happened to the 3 MasterChef judges? ›

Judges Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and the embattled George Calombaris are leaving reality cooking show MasterChef, with broadcaster Ten revealing it couldn't meet their demands for a pay rise. The announcement follows revelations last week Calombaris's companies had underpaid staff at his restaurants by nearly $8m.

Why was Mario disqualified MasterChef? ›

He was initially the 18th contestant, but was disqualified for having a 5 month professional experience, which violated the audition guidelines. He was eventually replaced by Jessie Spiby.

Who was the first person to be disqualified from MasterChef? ›

Tyler Viars | MasterChef Wiki | Fandom.

Why did Harry from MasterChef change her name? ›

In an emotional scene, Tomlinson revealed that she “had a really rough time” when she was in school, so much so that it prompted her to change her first name from Caitlin to Harry. “I was bullied pretty heavily,” Tomlinson shared.

Why is Melissa Leong not in MasterChef? ›

Melissa's decision to cancel her public appearance on Tuesday comes after she shared a heart-wrenching tribute to Jock on Instagram. Alongside an Instagram carousel of snaps with Jock, Melissa penned a statement about the impact Jock had on her life.

Who is the disfigured celebrity on MasterChef? ›

What condition does Adam Pearson have? At the age of five, Adam hit his head and the bump which followed persisted instead of healing. He was then diagnosed with a condition called neurofibromatosis type I, which causes non-cancerous tumours to grow on nerve tissue.

Who is the most successful person from MasterChef? ›

MasterChef season 3 winner Christine Hà is arguably one of the most successful in the franchise. With over 150k followers on Instagram, the Vietnamese-American MasterChef is the most followed contestant of all time. She was the first blind contestant in the show's history.

What neurological disorder does MasterChef have? ›

Her vision loss due to neuromyelitis optica (NMO), a rare inflammatory autoimmune disorder of the central nervous system, did not begin until she was 20—just around the time she was discovering her love of cooking.

Who washes the dishes on MasterChef? ›


Dishwasher Leigh Dowling is one of over 200 crew that make the MasterChef dream a reality. "Leigh washes everything you see," executive producer Margaret Bashfield reveals.

Do they eat the leftover food in MasterChef? ›

You'll be pleased to know that nothing in the 'MasterChef' kitchen goes to waste, with the excess food heading straight to some very worthy causes. The program has an arrangement with Second Bite -- an organisation that works towards curbing two growing problems in Australia -- food waste and food insecurity.

Do they taste every dish on MasterChef? ›

But if you're wondering just how John Torode and Gregg Wallace are able to fairly critique the contestants' dishes without allowing heat or a lack thereof to mar their final judgements, then you'll be pleased to find out that they actually taste the food as it's being cooked.

Has anyone ever walked out of MasterChef? ›

Ben Sheehan decided to leave MasterChef when he realised a career in the food industry was not for him. "It was countless calls with my partner, it was sleepless nights. But it's not something I regret." During the previous episode Sheehan had cooked with, and for, culinary legend Marco Pierre White.

Who was the autistic contestant on MasterChef? ›

Podcast with BBC MasterChef contestant Vanessa D'Souza

Here, in an exclusive Under The Flyover interview with iC Editor Steven Downes (who goes full on Alan Partridge at one point), she talks about her late-diagnosed autism, her special…

Who had a stroke on MasterChef? ›

On March 9, 2022, Mary Jayne filed a lawsuit to the production of MasterChef for pressuring her to film and not giving her medical treatment despite her suffering from a stroke.

What happened to Matt MasterChef? ›

He died honoring his father's life

The program was founded to raise money for youth and families facing numerous challenges, per the charity's website. However, around the 22.5-mile mark of the marathon, Campbell passed out due to heat exhaustion (per BBC News).

What happened to Matt Healy MasterChef? ›

He's won numerous awards, opened several restaurants and become a household name in the Leeds food scene. But Matt Healy has gone back to basics with his latest venture, Forde, where he proudly serves simple, unfussy Yorkshire grub.

What happened to Matt Moran MasterChef? ›

MATT Moran has pulled the plug on MasterChef - walking out on the top-rating TV series that helped make him a household name. The award-winning chef said he wanted to spend more time opening restaurants and pursuing his own cooking show opportunities.

Where is Matt from MasterChef Canada? ›

Vancouver, BC, Canada.

What happened to Matt from MasterChef Canada Season 4? ›

I was a contestant on Season 4 of Masterchef Canada and I am currently working at J&J and the owner of a small catering company called VanderKitchen. My background is in Sales and Marketing analytics which is what I have done for most of my professional career at J&J, Mars, and Pepsi.

Who left MasterChef Australia due to mental health? ›

"I made lifelong mates," he said. "They were the guys that were talking me off the ledge (not literally), really helping me out and at the same time, they were going through some struggles too. "We were there for each other and that was really good." After Brent left the competition, he returned home.

Where is Jaimee Vitolo MasterChef? ›

Post MasterChef

After her appearance, Jaimee returned to a career in baking, launching her own cake company Tiny Whisk Bakes.

Who was the DJ on MasterChef? ›

Shaun O'Neale was a contestant on Season 7 of MasterChef.

Who was the chef that was burnt? ›

Personal life. On 26 December 2011, Golinski's wife Rachel and his three daughters died when his Tewantin home was engulfed by fire in the early morning. Golinski suffered severe burns and, as of March 2012, was still recuperating in Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital where his condition was listed as "stable".

What did Brandi Mudd do after MasterChef? ›

Post MasterChef

After her appearance, Brandi quit teaching to be a part of the MasterChef cruise, where she was champion and she also appeared at MasterChef Camp. She started catering business Southern Flair with Chef Brandi.

What happened to the original MasterChef judges? ›

Original MasterChef Australia judges Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris quit the reality cooking series last year after a reported pay dispute with Channel 10.

Who is Matt from MasterChef married to? ›

What is Matthew Astorga's nationality? ›

Astorga was born in Makati City in the Philippines. His family moved to Canada when he was five years old.

Who does Matt from MasterChef work for? ›

He is best known for his role as a judge on Network Ten's MasterChef Australia between 2009 and 2019, and for his weekly national food column that appears in NewsCorp's metro newspapers. Preston is also a senior editor for Delicious. and Taste magazines, and the author of at least four best-selling cookbooks.


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