Recapsia and review of the first season "The Rings of Power": a terrible catastrophe (2023)

Energy ringsHe concluded his first season and all I can say is ... shame of all those who had a hand in this spree.

I have never seen an adaptation of a great work so strongly abused that it was altered as fundamentally or as disrespectful as the creators ofEnergy ringsThey triedLord of the Rings.The creation of Tolkien seems just through dirt.

I gave this program a chance.

I will try to analyze everything that went wrong in the first season together in a future piece, but for now we looked at the farce that is the end of the first season. I had everything that could go wrong. I even even my worst fears about the quality ofThis show could not correspond to what really were given to us.

In strangers and red gardens

The episode opens to the strangNoNori! The person who thought was exchanged to the main witch every two seconds and asks us what the meaning of Nori's transformation was at the beginning very hot. But that's fine!

The other witches approach and show that he is ... Sauron! This may be wrong, I suppose, but it is very obvious that all this is just a trick for spectators to believe that this question has been answered (in the firstFive minutes, no less!) So they don't pay much attention to what does the hand.

Anyway, they promise to take it to the east to Rhûn, where the veil can be derived and can restore its strength. What, in my opinion, is a great idea if they simply have not killed the first season!) This seems to excite the strangerthat begins to do their wind energy until the witches stop and tie it, (they only listen to something and decide that they are in form because ... reasons).

The arfots appear and see that there are only two witches, so they will distract them and release the strange, but in reality it is the witch above!You know, the witch, which is much more powerful than her feet than she literally had no reason to dress.Then the stranger appears and there is a great fight, Oberhexe illuminates everything, and the stranger thinks he is now bad, but Nori gives him a happy breakfast and then gives him Oberhexe's team.

Well, we knew that he needed something to control his strength, and the team is the thing, apparentYou will go back to the shade! "

"Wait, you're not a icing!" You cry. "You are ..."

"I'm fine!" He says and makes me question everything I know about professional writing in Hollywood, and then Bane in the shadow with the magic of a butterfly.

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So yes, no sauron.inWho could be Sauron ????

The left hand of the darkness

A magician will distract him with his right hand so that you do not realize what he does with his left hand, but the creators ofEnergy ringsThey proved to be less talented when it comes to magic. We all saw how the Millor application came out some Parsecs and all who paid attention knew that it would be semi -ssauron.No, there are no surprises here.

Galadriel and Halbrand teleport from Mordor to Eregion, although Halbrand has a wound that requires eligible healing. They must have directed very hard to get there in just six days. The seriously injured people can generally mount a gallop for days or even weeks without complications,So nothing really crazy about it.

They appear in region, where Elrond and Celeborn discuss what they will do now, where the dwarves have refused with Mithril.somehow.

Gil -Galad says that time is running out and orders the surrender of Eregion. All must go to Lindon immediately so that everyone can leave the center of the earth and return to Valinor.elrond and Celebrimbor fight for longer and Gil -GaladIt gives them hesitant. (It is still fun for me that at the beginning of this season Gil-Galad sends Galadriel away, stating that it is a "peacetime" and only a few episodes later, just a few months before condemning the entire career ofThe Eelfo race.

Halbrand was taken to maintain an "elegant healing" of the healers, of which Arondi states that the elves did not have it, and is miraculously better. It goes directly to the celebration workshop and seems very excited when he determines that eleven, with whom he speaks, it is nothing more than the great celebration. He asks about the precious stones and mithril and, like a cabembor, to tell him that they do not have enough, he suggests using a league (so the title of the "linked" episode). A teacher Elven ElvenSmith would do thatNo nightOf course, remember that.

"Thank you for the fascinating proposal," says Celebrimbor, to which the midfielder replies: "Name a gift."

This line is for everyone who has something about whiteTrulyTale of the rings of power, a deadly revelation. When Sauron reaches the elves as Annatar, he is known as the lord of the present and tries to seduce them with their promises.Ambition, has grown in its confidence in experimentation.

At this point, when Celebrimboro begins to blame a "new force", Galadriels finally appears. When he discovers that the semicircular councils have given solemn advice, immediately suspect, despite the fact that a long time ago they had thrown it so long and shouted(After he accompanied him in the middle of the ocean, which I alone. Words fail -) e) e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e enowDoes she suspect that?

Anyway, she has a writer from Elves and finds her records on the Kings line of Southernland, who eleven says she will take centuries that she has to go to the catacombs, but he is very fast and she learns the terrifying truth: noThere is king.From the southern lands! The Line of Kings died a thousand years ago and she somehow did not know and she did not like ten minutes of research in Hall of Lore in Numenor.

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She faces the semicircular and he quickly captivated.He went here was based on the fact that a really radical or galadriel coincidence was stupid (or both).

Finally, the progress of Galadriel Sauron refuses to govern with her (sorry, Kylo Ren!) And leaves eregion.uh ... balance.

They make the rings in about fifteen minutes and look at them admired.

The rings that took 90 years to do.Sauron's disappointment when the only ring moves.

But none of this is here! None of the most fundamental elements of forgeFor what purpose?

Ah, and to forge the rings, they need valinor and silver gold. Well, known, many elves are probably made of valinor gold and silver, but instead brother.

Meanwhile, Halbrand flies to Mordor, where we see him walking through the mountains, looking furiously at the volcanic plain on Mount Doom.This episode too).

We are not going to Numenor in the second thought. It is a silly place

We have many good views of the ship No. Misery, Miriel and the guy who was a friend of Isildur in this episode, is Isdur's friend with Isldur, and I still can't find out where they fit.And all people? It's a very small ship!

To be honest, there is very little in this action. Hendil and Miriel speaking in the boat. The lack of personal disability of Elendil depends on the dying king, which shows the palantir in front of the croak scene helped with a kingIn Dragão's house last SundayI could not help making comparisons in my head).

Air-pharzon seemed a bit threatening when the king dies. They take black candles of the bay.When Elendil and Miriel return, he sees her and knows what happened, but she doesn't need to ask: "What do you see? What do you see?"


This is ... somehow. A small stage for the second season, but not much more.

Many long goods

Finally, the Harfots say goodbye to Nori and the StrangThey are willing to do so. So we are exposed to a lot of long and prolonged saccharin. If you want to raise things, Peter JacksonsLord of the RingsTrilogy, does it really have to be an excessive farewell?

Poppy is devastated with Nori's party. "Why do everyone who love have to go?" She asks, what Nori says something like: "We would not learn anything new if we did not do it." None suggests the obvious:You can leave! It is not as if Poppy had another family on the trailer. She pulls your own cart on your own (walking alone despite singing) and you are best friends. Go together, Frodo Frodo and the woman Sam!

After all, Nori finally follows the path with the stranger and now we have a few years to wait another season ... well, not about something that Tolkien wrote, it is correct, but it is a bit relaxing, knowing that the rings of power andThe murder was created in about ten days! Nothing says epic imagination, as if thousands of years were condensed in a week and a half.

This is a quality letter, guys.

We could have a full season that was dedicated to the Royal Smithy of the rings.And pride that comes before the fall, so many opportunities for this program to have what Tolkien really wrote and selected in a television series worthy of the initial of the material. It seems proud to be proud of the fall to have AmazonLord of the RingsI like.

They added too much and cut too much when they had a completely good story to discover that Amazon spent hundreds of millions of dollars for sale. Why not tell this expensive story? Why do these others? I don't understand.

What an absolute disaster.

Here it isMy video review:

Scattered thoughts:

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  • Why did the witches believe that Proto-Gandalf was Sauron? This is not explained. They simply suppose that, as a galadriel, it only means that the semicircular is a king (although he always says repeatedly).
  • I am still shocked by the fact that you just had a show in the energy rings where you simply launched the nine and seven with the bath water.How do you do Nazgul without the nine?A ring now?Or invent egion?
  • I would like to know if the word murder in this PowerPoint could see every week, and still refer to Southlands as a murder. Will the word be extended? How does that work?
  • This exchange between Galadriel and Elrond is a classic: "Why are you here?" "Because they aretuHere? "You should have said Elrond:" I asked first! "Or maybe" well, still alive in the middle, you should be in Valinor! "Oy Vey.
  • My show was suddenly interrupted by a trailer for a trailer.Peripheral.I hope this is not something new that Amazon is because it was not great.
  • This week, there was no dwarf plot, so Durin did not deal with Durin's argument or the blow, and unfortunately disa is not a Sauron.
  • In addition, I don't Bronwyn, Aondir or Theo.We cheat Sauron has celebrations or the Ferraria of the Rings this season.
  • Ah, and the other line of Gandalf that was stolen: "Follow your nose." Look, there are Easter eggs and nods, and then there is only ... silly. Years?

It's over now, children have finished, you can rest now.


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