The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (2023)

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Molasses free honey bread recipe

Our molasses-free gingerbread recipe is easy to make and tastes fantastic. This is a recipe we recommend adding to your baking traditions during the holiday season or any time of the year! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (1)

Easy gingerbread cookie recipe without molasses

Gingerbread cookies are a fun festive treat to enjoy during the holiday season. We are pleased to share a delicious recipe for homemade gingerbread cookies made without molasses.

We hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we do!

Why is molasses used in gingerbread cookies?

Although most traditional gingerbread cookies contain molasses in the ingredients needed to prepare the recipe, you can make delicious gingerbread cookies without molasses.

Molasses is a sugary ingredient that gives gingerbread cookies their unique flavor. However, these cookies can be made without the ingredient and can be just as delicious, making them an amazing molasses-free gingerbread cookie recipe.

What can I use instead of molasses in gingerbread cookies?

There are several substitutes you can use for molasses when making gingerbread cookies, if you like.

Some of the most common substitutes are dark corn syrup, maple syrup, brown sugar, a mixture of granulated sugar and water, and our favorite honey.

Perfect Gingerbread Cookies Without Molasses

Gingerbread cookies are an especially fun holiday or Christmastime treat. However, it is at the time when they are most appreciated that they can be made and enjoyed throughout the year.

Next, we'll show you exactly how to make delicious gingerbread without molasses.

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Molasses-free gingerbread cookies

Main ingredients of gingerbread cookies

Butter. While you can use your favorite type of butter, we recommend using unsalted butter for the best overall flavor.

Brown sugar. You can use light or dark brown sugar for this recipe. It totally depends on your preference.

Honig. In our recipe, we recommend using honey as a substitute for molasses to make these delicious cookies. However, you can use additional brown sugar, maple syrup or dark karo syrup if needed.

No. Eggs are, of course, an essential ingredient in these cookies.

in vain. Vanilla extract helps add a delicious flavor to finished cookies.

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Flour. We recommend using wheat flour to make these delicious gingerbread cookies. However, you can replace the all-purpose flour with other types of flour, such as gluten-free all-purpose flour, etc., if needed.

retropulver. Baking soda is another key ingredient that helps cookies rise.

Sal. You can use your favorite type of salt for this recipe, but we recommend using sea salt or kosher salt if you can.

roast spices. We recommend adding spices to cookies to give them a delicious taste. Our favorite spices are ginger, cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

You should be able to find all of these in the condiments section of your local supermarket, especially during the fall and holiday season.

How to make gingerbread cookies without molasses

gingerbread dough

To start, make the cookie dough. Using room temperature butter, add to the bowl and beat until light and creamy, about a minute.

Once creamy, add the brown sugar and honey. Beat on high speed until blended and creamy again.

Add eggs and vanilla extract and beat until combined. Scrape down the sides of the blender to blend all the ingredients.

In a separate bowl, mix the wheat flour, baking powder, salt and spices. Mix to combine the dry ingredients.

Now pour the dry mixture into your wet mixture while stirring slowly. Beat until the cookie dough is combined. Keep in mind that the mixture will be very wet and sticky.

Wrap dough securely in plastic wrap and refrigerate for three hours, up to two days.

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preheat the oven

When ready to bake the cookies, first line a baking sheet with parchment paper if possible, or lightly grease each baking sheet.

Preheat the oven to 177°C

gingerbread man shapes

Now, to start shaping your gingerbread cookies, generously flour a clean surface. We also recommend rubbing your hands in flour to prevent the dough from sticking to your hands.

Take a rolling pin and roll out the dough until it is about ¼ inch thick.

Use a cookie cutter and cut out the desired shapes. Place the ramekins about 1 inch apart on the baking sheet.

Continue rolling the dough and cutting out your shapes until each mold is full and all the cookie dough has been used.

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Bake each pan at 350°F for approximately 9 to 12 minutes, or until cookies are set to your preference.

Let each batch of cookies cool for about five minutes before removing them from the baking sheet. Let the cookies cool completely before decorating.

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The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (5)
The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (6)
The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (7)
The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (8)
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The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (10)
The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (11)
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How to make cookie frosting:

For this frosting you will need icing sugar, light corn syrup, a pinch of salt, vanilla extract and milk.

To make the frosting, combine the icing sugar, corn syrup, vanilla extract and milk. Add a pinch of salt and stir until the ingredients are combined. Your frosting will get very thick as you mix.

After mixing, you can add a little more milk or water to the frosting if you want it to be a little smoother. Remember, a little goes a long way.

When ready to decorate, frost the frosting as desired and transfer it to a pastry bag. Decorate the cookies as you like with a pastry bag.

Let the icing sit for a few hours (maybe 12-24 hours) until set and before storing the cookies. Note that you don't have to wait for the frosting to set before enjoying it.

Once the frosting has set, you can store these cookies in an airtight container to enjoy later.

The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (12)

Tips and tricks for making gingerbread cookies without molasses:

Crispy gingerbread cookies: for extra crunchy gingerbread, increase the baking time by a few minutes until you like it.

Keep in mind that baking times can vary depending on your oven, so check often to make sure the cookies don't burn.

How to decorate gingerbread cookies: While you can use royal icing or even buttercream to decorate your gingerbread cookies, we've provided a very simple icing recipe above that will make decorating your gingerbread cookies easy and hassle-free.

You can get creative and decorate the cookies however you like by adding sprinkles, food coloring or even candy if you choose to make your gingerbread cookies stand out.

Go ahead, store your cookies in the freezer.: You can take advantage of our molasses-free gingerbread recipe by making and baking the cookies in advance and freezing them for later use, or you can simply make the dough, cut your shapes and freeze them to bake later.

To freeze the cookies for later, you should store the cookies or dough in an airtight container or seal them in a plastic freezer bag. Place in the freezer at 0°F or lower for up to three months.

How to store gingerbread cookies:

Gingerbread is best stored at room temperature. To store them, you must first allow the cookies to cool completely. Once decorated and dried, you can seal them in an airtight container and store them at room temperature in a cool, dry place for up to seven days.

If necessary, you can also store gingerbread cookies in the refrigerator. You need to be careful as the cookies need to be stored in an airtight container in the fridge to be good. When properly stored in the refrigerator, some gingerbread cookies can last up to two weeks.

If necessary, you can also freeze gingerbread cookies. To freeze the cookies, let them cool completely and place them in an airtight container or store them in a plastic freezer bag. Place in the freezer for up to three months.

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The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (13)

common questions

Do you decorate gingerbread cookies before baking?

For this recipe, let the cookies bake completely and cool to room temperature before continuing to decorate our gingerbread cookie recipe.

Why are my gingerbread cookies spreading?

A gingerbread cookie recipe contains baking powder, which allows the cookies to rise and spread easily. However, as we recommend chilling the dough before baking it, it shouldn't spread out too much.

Can I use gluten free flour?

Yes, you can replace gluten-free flour with all-purpose flour. Keep in mind, however, that this will slightly alter the overall flavor and texture of the cookies.

Can I use fresh ginger instead of powder?

Yes, if you want to grate the ginger itself, you can substitute freshly grated or powdered ginger, but you'll need to increase the amount of freshly grated ginger you include in the recipe.

Can I freeze gingerbread dough to bake later?

Yes, you can freeze the honey bread dough to bake later if you like. Before freezing, we recommend cooling and stretching the dough to cut it into shapes.

Once cut into shapes, we recommend placing them on a baking sheet and freezing them for a few hours, then transferring the frozen shapes to an airtight container or sealing them in a plastic freezer bag before freezing.

However, if you don't want to shape the dough before freezing, you don't have to.

easy gingerbread cookies

Our molasses-free gingerbread cookie recipe is a delicious cookie recipe that's very easy to make. However, you need to plan ahead to allow enough time for the dough to cool.

Our favorite is to let the gingerbread dough sit in the fridge overnight and then bake the cookies the next day. Have fun and enjoy these delicious gingerbread cookies!

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The best gingerbread recipe without molasses. (14)

No molasses gingerbread cookie recipe

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