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The Fellowship of the Ring

The film begins with a summary of the history of power.He governs everyone, others. Orauron has exhausted all his and his willingsame.Later, he was killed and the ring fell to the bottom of the sea. The creature discovered him and brought him to his cave. Then he lost to the Bilbo Baggins Hobbit.

The movie cuts a photo of the Pacific before the hobbits years later, when Magician Gandalf came to celebrate Bilbo's111The birthday.The party is an extravagant occasion with fireworks and ceremony, and Bilbo keeps children with stories about their adventures. In excessive speech, it establishes the ring that makes invisible and runs home to pack their things and leave the county.Gandalf.bilbo meets at home and says that Hemust renounces the ring. Finally, Bilbo agrees to trust Frodo's nephew. Ringwraiths begin to close in Bilbo's house, Gandalf returns the Frodo and throws the chimney of the ringing.Mysterious letters on the surface of the ring.First, Gandalf realizes that this ring is really acid. Gandalf explains to Frodo that the ring and sauron are one.He wants to find him and wants to find him. Jue the ring, he will attract the agents of Sauron. Suddenly, Gandalf discovers that Sam, Frodo's friend, hides outside and listens to Gandalf and Frodo. The beginning, Gandalf the Frodo protector.

Sam and Frodo left Bilbo's house and at one point they ventured more from the county than ever. This is avoided.This desire is Frodo's first view of power and the temptation of the ring.

The hobbits arrive in the city of Bree and enter the interior like a thrust pony, where you should meet Gandalf, but the magician is not there. The ring accidentally slides Frodo'sfinger and alerts the ringwurh to stayAt home, the Hobbit group and asks you to be more careful. The spectra arrives at the hotel, but the hobbits thanks to the stresses are well hidden, because it is what you can give life again.

Meanwhile, Gandalf was forced to another magician, Saruman. On the top of the Torre de Saruman in Imengard, called Orthanc. In his tower, Saruman builds a terrible tribe with the intention of riding war on Earth. And aGreat eagle and save it.

Strider and the hobbits go to Rivendell, the house of the Felve.The narron stabbed Frodo, but Stider fights them, out of Frodo's life.There and back: a hobbit stage.Elrond, the king of the elves and Arwen's father, Gandalf says that the ring cannot remain in Rivendell, but he has to go to Gofurther. Slying Demand to help and men are weak. The ring survives due to the mass ofIsildur.In addition ,,,,, additionally ,,,,,,,,,,, addition, in addition ,,, addition, additionally, additional ,,,,,,,, in addition, in addition, in addition to alsoIn addition, in addition, in addition, that the Human Kings line is broken, although his son of Gondor, who chose exile, can collect it.

Shortly after this statement, we knew that the name of Stider's Aragorn is and that he is Gondo's legacy. We will be in love with you and we are in love and we have been for many years. However, this love requires that Arwen sacrifice his immortality,One of the most important ELF attributes.

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Elrond summons a meeting and announces that the races gather to defeat Mordor. Form presents the ring and the elderFinally, Frodo appears. Another progress to accompany Frodo and form a communion of Ring. The scholarship includes Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin hobbits; an eleven, Legolas;A dwarf, Gimli; a magician, Gandalf; and two people, Aragorn Eboromir.born is the son of Gondor's butler, who ruled the kingdom under the absence of the legitimate king.

The brotherhood leaves Rivendell. And Cruel Warrior.orcs, however, dispersed in the approach of a balrog, a demonic underworld. The sad mines for the loss of Gandalf, but Aragorn insists that he does not have time for Truckand to continue.

Arrival to a forest, the sylvan elves, directed by Galadriel, the Lady of the woods, know the bag. That night the lady and Frodo speak particularly. She asks her to look at a mirror that is a water pool and tell her whatwho sees. He sees visions of the destroyed district, surrounded by his classmates and the huge and burning eye of Sauron. This community breaks and one after the other the ring must be formed.that, like the carrier of the ring, it is already ema.tarea, nobody will do it.It leads along the river.

Frodo leaves and Boromirfix.Frodo is determined to leave alone, but Boromir wants the ring.Ring and seems even longer for Sauron's burning appearance. When he takes the ring, Aragornis next to him.-Hai, the nearby Gandalf about his goal. He part of a boat, but Sam insists on going. Although he can't swim, Sam jumps into the water, and Frodo is forced to save his friend excited and put him on board.As Sam is sure, Sam remembers the Frodo that Hämmade is a promise to never leave it. In the opposite side of the water, Sam and Frodo rise a mountain and locate the murder at a certain distance.

The two Towers

The film begins with Gandalf falling into the mine with balrog. When falling, it takes the sword that allows it to fall and stabs the balrog. Then pay in a water.This vision is just a Frodo dream, not really. Fodo and Sam seem to go in circles and not advance on their way to mordor. When they grab them. Frodo and Sam smell something to an idiot, then they stumble upon Gollum, a pale creatureand curve, who used to be a hobbit., But Frodo sorry for him. In Gollum leadership to Mordor, they agree to take out the belt out of his throat.

Meanwhile, Gimli and Aragorn Uruk-Hai, who use Pippin and Merry. In Rohan Castle, Éowyn and Éomer, nephew and nephew of King Théodens, he tells the person and company greater than Saruman's army has hurtseriously to his son;He will die soon.

In the forest they find a white wizard that becomes gandalf.gandalf says that a new stage of the Middy Erd war: the war came to Rohan. For the horse and then the bedroom left Rohan.-Argated to disarm the TandalfBefore the counter's delivery holds his team with which he releases Théodan's control spell from the Saruman control spell. The forte on Helm's Deep, What Wormtingue, who arrives at the Saruman tower, says Saruman will happen.

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Meanwhile, Pippin and Merry discovered the beard of the trees, a huge hiking or OT tree, which promised to protect them.Gollum suggests that they surprised the entrance. The office defends Gollum against Sam.

A Gollum night as Frodo and Sam Sleep has the first of a series of internal debates.Gollum, his bad side, desperately wants the ring. Mordor, part of the Sauronis Army meeting. These soldiers have been attacked by a group of people led by Faramir, Boromir's younger brother, Frodo and the company and capture.

In a dream, Arwen encourages Aragorn to keep the courses and not hesitate. She wants her to stay without the other eternal life.Orcs that are approaching.that time has time that time has arrived at the Middle -earth. She wants to waitTo Elrond that Faramir, who has become Frodocaptive, will capture the ring and then everything will be lost. Do we reunite the fight and let you be alone?

Faramir asks Frodo and Sam. He wants to know about his brother. That night Faramir Gollum captures that he follows the troop.faramir wants to kill the creature, but Frodo insisted on saving her. But Gollumissanda and believes that Frodo is in his capture.Another round of Sméagol/Gollum debates, and Faramir comeste understands that Frodo has the ring.

An army of10, For,000Marcheson Rohan and the deep preparation of Helm for the fight.From war, Sacheldir comes from Elrond. They come to honor the old covenant between men and elves.After a violent battle, it is angry.current army inside the castle.Haldir is killed in the battle.

Meanwhile, they gathered to discuss whether the Togo speaks incredibly slowly in the war and makes decisions about Tomake for a long time. The two hobbits to return to the district. It crosses the section of the striped forest and the burned trees.

Women and children run deeply from the rudders to acquire the mountains, while Aragorn continues the other soldiers for the fight. When hope seems lost, Gandalf appears in a song of spaces with Rohan Riders under the direction of Éomer, whoHe writes, Uruk-Hai.Insects attack Saruman's tower and destroy their defense. They open a dam and water that floods the entire level around the tower. With the activity they stned. The fight for earthquakes, they know, just started.

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Meanwhile, back to Gondor, where they brought Faramir Hiscaptives, Frodo obtains from a dragon with a spectrum that delivers the ring when Sam intervenes. Brodan exciting speech and fight for good. They are the words of Sam, Faramir publishes Hobbits.

the return of the King

In a review we see Sméagol, a hobbit that happily fishing with a friend. The friend falls into the water and reappears the holder ring. I even forgot his own name. In view of the present, Gollum became awakensphrodo and SamLet's say, he started rationing the small food.

Meanwhile, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf arrive at Merryand Pippin, who celebrates at the flooded level of the Saruman Tower that Barnnow seems to be controlled. Sanda is still alive, but it is impotent and isolated in his tower. In water and heGandalf grabs and copper. In a commemorative celebration and victory in Rohan, Éowyn shares wine with Aragorn with which he falls. The night steals Pippin Gandalfs Stein and sees the burning eye of Sauron.stone Fastkills Pippin, who is revived by Gandel, who, whoIt is revived by Gandel.In Pedra, Pippin Sawa Vision of Mines Tirith, Gondors Capital. So Sauron also refused to give him information about the Dark Lord about Frodo ..

Approximately from the Middle Earth to the immortal life, Arquenhas a vision of a child they have and Aragorn.He has seen. He said his finger, releases the ring.

Meanwhile, Gandalf and Pippin arrive in Mines Tirith, where Lord Denehor, who governs Gondor as a butler in the absence of the king, already knows the death of his son Boromir, and is afraid of losing power.Gandalf says he cannot resistThe King's return, but Denehor insists that Gondor belongs to him. To help the allies. The Desales will soon light up in the middle of the earth, and Théoden decides that Than will respond the call.

Faramir and his men gather in Osgiliath, a Gondor -oterress, but lose a fight against an orco army that was approaching.Faramir hid after Clerith Mines and tells Gandalf that he saw Samand Frodo.denethor who has seen the deceased Boromir, his survivor clearly preferred Faramir, asks the Pharamir to resume Ogilia. While you are going to battle.

Gollum takes Sam and Frodo to a secret staircase that deals with the murder. The food is thrown at the front doors and the eyes burn with Sauron and feel the proximity of the ring ... while the hobbits sleeps, Gollum throws the rest of the foodAfter looking at Sam SprinklingCruumbs so that Sam has eaten the food. When he wakes up, Sam discovers that the food has disappeared and accuses Gollum, agitated the crumbs on Sam's deck. Golpea to Gollum and then take when he needs help to drinkThe ring, what Frodo's Doubts triggers Sam.

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In the camp with the gentleman of Rohan, Aragorn Dreams, Arwenhas opted for immortality and, therefore, his promise to him caused Arwen differently: she dies and her destiny that is tied to the ring. For Aragorn it is now connected toSaving the Middle Earth.Sauron Éowyn confessed love, but he tells him that he promised with another person.He drove on the mountain with Legolas and Gimli.The theme: Kanic men placed a former king of the Gondor, but renegades, and Isildal gave them a curse and determined that they would support each other until they fulfilled their obligation. In the mountain and hitA ghost king who says that the dead do not like to let life pass. Suddenly the ghostly warriors appear. It refers to his honor and marks the first time he is confirmed as King of Gondor.

Faramir's body behind a horse occurs after Minatirith. The Army corkHe orders the instructions and orders those of the positions that are preparing for the fight. While the battle is raising to Tirith mines, Denethor, Faramir and himself, he plans to burn a pyre.denethor burns alone.

Gollum and Frodo come to a cave full of skeletons and cobwebs. With their plan to steal the place of the ring, Gollum seems to disappear, and Frodo is suddenly, alone and lost.They are out of the network and escapes from the cave, but Gollum attacks her.They fight and Gollum falls into a cliff. Woodsrepara's lady for Frodo and encourages him to do his job.Smind and fight against the creature, but Frodo is wrapped in a cocon package, and Sam fears he is dead.They leave the body when only a few orcs go to the way. Frodo's body and carry with you.

Huge elephants, who use numerous sauron reinforcements, arrive at the Battlefield of Mines Tyith. I reached the battlefield, Rohan's drivers bravely fight and used their speed and mobility to face elephants..The Kings Kings will kill Theodes on the battlefield, but Éowyn and Happy interviews. In life after death. This arrives with Aragorn and his ghost army, and the group steals the Ork army. The slaughterhouses have won.Aragorn publishes men from the mountain and disappear.Pippin and Merry are on the battlefield.

Frodo wakes up in Mordor. He is chained and half naked, his things were removed, including the ring. Sam enters the Fortress of Ork, where Frodo remains in captivity and saves Frodo. When they are free, Sam Frodo says he says heNot the orcs, had the ring.He caught him when he thought Frodo was dead.Although he doubted a little to return it, he agrees. Two friends dress in Orcmor and go to the plains of Mordor.

Back to Mines, Gandalf desperately with the ability to complete the mordor mission levels at his entrance door, and Sam and Frodo cross the level without obstacles. However, the passage is anything but simple, they have little remaining water.They drink the last drops and accept that there is no return trip. While fighting for Mountdoom, Sam encourages their friend to talk about the county and has a good and weakened distance of his back. Gollum reappears and reappears and appears and appears and appears and appears againAnd it appears again, and has reappeared, and appears and appears again, and has a good weakened distance. Sam fights with him while Frodo runs from side to the top of Mount Doom.Frodo holds the ring on the volcano on one foot over hellof Mount Doom and Isildid years before, but as the exii can not let it go. Once he explains his touch and stops him. He begins to collapse and then explode. Monte doom explodes, the floods of the level with lava.Sam and Frodo are trapped in a huge stone, the lava flows. They prepare for his death, but Gandalf approaches a great eagle and catches them.

Frodo wakes up in a luxury bed with Gandalf by his side.The remaining communion is also there.aragorn is crowned king, a ceremony in Gondo.Gandalf coloring the king's return in his head. The crowd bends in front of the four hobbits. The brotherhood is explained and the fourth era of the middle earth begins.Hobbits returns to the county and the four friends drink in a pub.Lord of the Rings"The last pages are for them, Sam," he says. The ship navigates. Pack in contact with the county, Sam joins his wife and two children.

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What is the description of the Lord of the Rings? ›

The Lord of the Rings is the saga of a group of sometimes reluctant heroes who set forth to save their world from consummate evil. Its many worlds and creatures were drawn from Tolkien's extensive knowledge of philology and folklore.

What is the falling action in Lord of the Rings? ›

The Climax Falling action was when Boromir died. The Resolution was Frodo leaving with Samwise to destroy the ring.

How is the Ring described in Lord of the Rings? ›

The One Ring was an ancient artifact created by the Dark Lord Sauron in the Second Age for the purpose of ruling over the Free peoples of Middle-earth, mainly the Elves. It was also known as the Ruling Ring, Great Ring of Power and Isildur's Bane (due to it causing the death of Isildur).

What narrative style is Lord of the Rings? ›

Third Person (Omniscient) The narrator of the Lord of the Rings is never a character in its own right (though we do hear a lot of stories from the different characters' perspectives within dialogue). However, we think this third person perspective is a little odd.

What is the main lesson in Lord of the Rings? ›

Never give up on your dreams and goals. No matter how difficult and disheartening Frodo and Sam's journey to Mordor was, they never gave up on their mission to destroy the Ring. Similarly, no matter how many battles they had to fight which were life-threatening, the fellows of the Fellowship of the Ring never lost hope ...

Why is Lord of the Rings so important? ›

It's the way we process a universe that hides so many of its secrets from us. By filling Middle-earth with art, Tolkien shows readers how the people of Middle-earth (man, elf, dwarf, hobbit, and even orcs) keep history and communicate across time.

How do you explain the falling action? ›

Falling action is everything that takes place immediately after the climax. The purpose of falling action is to bring the story from climax to a resolution. It is one of the key elements in any story which will usually include an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and denouement.

What is falling action in a story answers? ›

What does falling action mean? Falling action in a basic plot structure is the events that happen after the climax and before the resolution. This part of your story is often used to show the consequences of the climax and how it affects the characters.

What is falling action or resolution in the story? ›

In a story, falling action occurs after the turning point of the climax and signifies that the story's main conflict is coming to a close. Ideally, it resolves any loose ends in the plot and shows the aftermath of the climax. Falling action also typically leads to the resolution, which is the end of the story.

What story is Lord of the Rings based on? ›

Influences. The Lord of the Rings began as a personal exploration by Tolkien of his interests in philology, religion (particularly Roman Catholicism), fairy tales, as well as Norse and Celtic mythology, but it was also crucially influenced by the effects of his military service during World War I.

How is the Ring described in The Hobbit? ›

It first appeared in the earlier story The Hobbit (1937) as a magic ring that grants the wearer invisibility. Tolkien changed it into a malevolent Ring of Power and re-wrote parts of The Hobbit to fit in with the expanded narrative. The Lord of the Rings describes the hobbit Frodo Baggins's quest to destroy the Ring.

What is The Lord of the Rings show based on? ›

The series, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's novels, takes place in the Second Age, which means Sauron will be an integral character. Plus, find out which other characters we might meet.

Is Lord of the Rings a metaphor? ›

This quantitative and qualitative study argues that the One Ring in The Lord of the Rings (LotR) is based on a metaphoric blend, which is echoed in related metaphors for power throughout the trilogy.


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