The power rings: how the Halbrand Canon origin changed (2023)


Exclusive: Charlie Vickers breaks Halbrand's journey to the rings of the ends of power and what this means to the future of the Lord of the Rings.

That isLord of the RingsThe article contains spoilers forThe energy rings.

Well, it was finally confirmed -The energy ringsHalbrand is indeed Sauron, as many viewers had already guessed! For some of us, that was a little unexpected. I had a track.

"I knew for the third episode, so I filed this sequence on the ferry [in episode 2] with all my heart as semiconal," says VickersThan the nerd"I suspected because I spoke to youRichard IIISpeech and with a speech in which I played SatanLost paradiseI said, I said, "Okay, this guy has a little doubtful."

When the J.D. program corridorThe secret identity of Payne and Patrick McKay Halbrand presented, became Vickers' challenge playing a double role that played small parts of Sauron's personality in personality and at the same time incorporated Southland's tortured king.


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"I learned a lot that you can really play two things at the same time. This writing is very well structured because it is doing a lot of work when it comes to leaving information that in the end," he said, "He said," He said "he said. "He said," Vickers said.J. R. R. TolkienAccording to the actor, he also "reported the subconscious things" that entered the performance."I had to trust all my reading.Hay SilmarillionAnd Tolkien's letters, there are many things when they intended Tolkien with Sauron and with this time of their lives, recovering after they are humble at the end of the first era. "

Yes, Vickers really did his homework and even returned toHistory of Middle EarthUnfinished drawing and rehearsal site that were collected by Tolkien Christopher's son: "There are some really interesting things about whether your reversal was real or not just for fear, and this is being arrested and slowly reappeared."

Not final of"Liga", "Of course we are back with Sauron in the recording phase and on the way to Mordor. When a mountain went down to Parramo, it almost seems to be cutting a road directly to the time of Monte DoomLord of the RingsFans know exactly what that means ...

"Tolkien talks about [Sauron] in the middle of the earth at the beginning of the second era and returns very slowly, and I think we saw that," says Vickers about the last season of Sauron of the first season. "We have the end of this time this first season.I think of his thoughts, he says, "Shit, yes, I'm back.

Halbrand, SEM Other

The energy rings Is based on annexesLord of the RingsBooks that only deliver the bones of a schemeThe second eraAround theThe title soundsSomething surprisingly, Halbrand's story contradicts much of the child there.

APPENDIX B UP TOLord of the RingsHe claims that Sauron chose firstMordorAs a strength and began to build his strength from Barad -Dûr. Then he "won" the elves of Eregion (a kingdom of the elves near Moria) and together began to forge the rings of power (the first 16 of them, who finally received dwarfsand men).Lord of the RingsIf it doesn't matter, Sauron goes and lubricates the only ring on Mount Doom and a few and recognizes what happens and hides the three Ells.


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Halbrand's story is largely a new invention that moves between the formation of murders and the power rings forged. The name "Halbrand" is not a well -known pseudonym of Sauron, although it has many others. This specific lie has onecertain logic.GaladrielThese are new inventions for the series. Sauron should combine Sauron with the fall of the number, while Halbrand's true identity should hide from evaluators who already know the books that Sauron manipulates the elves to forge the rings. To see, the real manufacturer of theEnergy rings, deceived by a seemingly good and useful ally, has the Galadriel series, who uses one of the rings, but has not been woven by a man who always seems a little doubtful and not reliable.

The changes will certainly give Galadriel a little. Out how Sauron tries exactly the same words he used when he was tempted by a ring in temptationLord of the Rings- The promise to transform it into a "queen" and "stronger than the foundations of the earth" is powerful.The Fellowship of the RingWhere the Frodo ring almost produces and takes, now it will have an even more emotional effect, as we can assume that he remembers semiconal and how he saved him in the second era, and perhaps he liked it.

Sauron and Celebration

However, the changes take something from the very history of the celebration.ElrondBut the reduction of the plot between Sauron and Elven Smiths dramatically reduced the role of celebrating in history, and we lost this relationship between him and Sauron develops. In the same scene, he first hits him, he takes the advice.Among them who would have presented a more accurate adaptation of Tolkien's text.

In other Tolkien texts, there are details about this relationship between Celebrimbor and Sauron.New rings for deadly men.The energy ringsSo far, it should be approached in season two, as one of the seven rings for a Durin relic and finally Thorin OakenshielLord of the Rings.

The energy ringsIf the name "Annatar" is not mentioned. There is a reference to the type of Easter egg when Halbrand Celebrimbor says that his proposal to create alloys to create the rings is a "gift", but the name itself does not the complicated situationLegal rights of Tolkien's works.

The problems of the rights behind Sauron change

Amazon bought the rightsLord of the RingsGiftincluding its attachments, but not tooHay SilmarillionoUnfinished stories.In the first season of the season ofThe energy ringsWe saw how the small information of this two texts is displayed.Unfinished storiesHowever, we will not see any persistent adjustment of action topics of these other works, as Amazon does not have the rights to them.


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This may be the reason for some of the changes made by the Tolkien Tradition series, as the new explanation of whyUm BalrogLurking under Khazad -dûm.E may be that the series created the new pseudonym of Halbrand to Sauron, instead of using the name Annatar or making a beautiful look: it does not have the rights of this material.appears inLord of the Rings, That isHay Silmarillion.Basically, if not mentionedLord of the RingsAmazon cannot use it.

What does this mean for Sauron and Celebor in the future? Who will forge the other 16 rings of power and when? Maybe Halbrand/Sauron takes a new coating to work with the celebration and forge them, but although Galadriel knows who Halbrand is reallyCelebor does not have it (Galadriel was probably very shameful to admit how wrong he was, but keeping this secret may be a mistake) or maybe Sauron will bite to deal with it.DiedAnd forge is a separate ring and celebibor will cause the other forged anches.


The Lord of the Rings: The Power RingsTransmission now in the Amazon Prime Video.

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The power rings: how the Halbrand Canon origin changed (1)

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What lore was changed in Rings of Power? ›

The Rings Of Power Changed The Origin Of Mithril (And The History Of The Silmarils) The most obvious and impactful change to Tolkien's lore in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is the alteration of mithril's properties and its use within season 1.

What is Halbrand explained? ›

Halbrand is actually the Dark Lord known as Sauron in disguise. The character was a man described by Amazon Studios as "a human running from his past whose destiny is entwined with Galadriel's".

What is the origin of The Rings of Power? ›

The Rings of Power were Rings created by the Elves of Eregion, nineteen Great Rings (and many other lesser rings) with knowledge obtained from Sauron, and several of them with Sauron aiding the creation. Sauron forged the twentieth Great Ring, called The One Ring or the Ruling Ring, secretly in the fires of Mount Doom.

Is Halbrand being Sauron canon? ›

Halbrand was the Dark Lord Sauron. As every Tolkien fan knows, Halbrand being Sauron is a major departure from LOTR canon. In The Lord of the Rings, Sauron appeared in a fair form and called himself Annatar.

Does Halbrand know he is Sauron? ›

Halbrand refused to reveal his true identity to Adar

He does not seem to recognize Halbrand as Sauron, and yet he carries out what we can assume is his master's evil bidding by setting in motion the events that burn the Southlands and create Mordor.

Why did the elves create The Rings of Power? ›

The three Elven Rings were conceived as a means of keeping magic (formally known in J.R.R. Tolkien's Legendarium as the Light of the Eldar) from fading in Middle-earth.


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